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I did, and it was great.

Personal Reflection In Research Study Skills English Language Essay

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Personal Reflection In Research Study Skills English Language Essay

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During that semester, we had 6 people coming from China to join the department as PhD students. Five of us negociated online and we actually took the same flight to come to United States. Everyone felt excited when we first arrived. Salt Lake City is beautiful: it has very clear and blue sky and it is surrounded with mountains.

What is reflective writing?

After we settled down, our school life started. Year Taking Courses During the first two years, we were mainly taking courses.

The idea is to finish course requirements as soon as possible so that we can focus on research in our later years. From these courses, we did build more solid understanding about basic concept in computer systems. Matthew used to write code when he was giving his lectures. I did not like that way by that time I do appreciate that way now. It was really great to build some relationship with these professors when we were taking their classes. For example, I worked closely with Rajeev when I was taking the Advanced Computer Architecture course and by the end, we were able to submit a paper to a workshop.

During the interaction with these professors, you can also tell which professor you are interested to work with. This is probably the most important issue to figure out when you are in your early stage of PhD study. At the same time, I was also looking for RA positions and Eric Eide did some interviewswith me during an informal lunch, together with my current adviser.

Since I had some hacking experience in the Window kernel, they let me to try RA for one semester. For the first semester, they assigned a project for me. It was to use some data collection library so that a user can send their experiemnt data from distributed compute nodes to this data collection node.

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We were trying to figure out how this data collection library scales, mainly how many nodes can it support. It seemed that this library worked pretty good and we decided to use it by the end. After the first project, I started to discuss the next project with my advisor.

How to write a dissertation conclusion

I had some experience in process migration and wanted to do some work with virtual machine migration. So, I read lots of papers about virtual machine migration at that time and also worked on OpenVZ migration in Emulab. I also started to write a survey paper about process and virtual machine migration.

But we never tried to submit it somewhere. I still remember that it was quite challenging for me to understand a paper by that time.

How to Write an Effective Dissertation Conclusion?

Our group is running a paper reading semester and in most cases, we read one paper every week. Given nearly no research experience in this field, it is really difficult to understand what a paper is about. I still remember that for every week, I spent the whole thursday night to read a paper once, to get farmilar with its work. During the morning on the next day, I need to read it again. This time is to digest this paper and write summary about that paper. This paper reading exercise took almost 8 hours already every week.

But the cost eventually pays off: the more papers I read, the more I become familar with that field and it has become easier to read papers nowadays. Year 3 : Started to Work on Deduplication During the first two years, I shared the office with an indian Master student. He was working on using deduplication to store disk images for Emulab. When I got to know about deduplication, I found it was a pretty cool idea.

He presented a poster for his project for new graduate visit. I had some discussion with him for his project and found I actually had a better way to improve his system. He was busy with his Master thesis writing at that time while I was focusing on implementing my design. In , I went to attend the best conference in file and storage systems.

I found I really liked the papers presented there. When I came back from that conference, I continued to work on this deduplication project and planed to submit this to FAST I worked full-time on this project in summer and we managed to submit this work to FAST in time though we missed two data points by that time. I was busy with experiments by that time and Eric Eide did most of the writing Thanks, Eric. When the reviews came back, the paper was rejected.