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To increase the diversification of her investments, West Financial Services recommended adequate insurance, an enhanced savings and investment program, and a systematic program for selling stock and exercising options.

Case Studies. Financial planning case studies that we have developed and implemented for our clients include:. Plan for the future. People who stay in the present will be in the past. Abraham Lincoln. New Code and Standards: Videos.

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Learn More. Update Your Profile Today. X We welcome your feedback and invite you to complete a brief 5-question survey to help us improve your experience on CFP. They also gained a clear picture of the potential opportunities and pitfalls of real estate investing. Finally, Kat and Dax learned which investments and insurance coverages made the most sense for their family. Now Kat and Dax have a clear picture of their finances and a path to achieving their goals!

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They had serious questions about their finances:. Rachel and Dale selected the Ten Talents Gold plan to create a roadmap to retirement.

We showed them how much they could spend in retirement based on their spending rate, net worth, asset allocations, and Social Security benefits. Rachel and Dale also learned which adjustments to make in their company k accounts and how much they could give to charity and to their grandchildren during their golden years. Not only that, Rachel and Dale learned that they could retire within the next few years, provided they implemented the financial plan we created for them.

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Now they have renewed optimism and confidence for what retirement has in store! Financial Planning Case Studies. These families turned to Ten Talents for trustworthy financial guidance and a clear path forward. Young couple starting their careers.