Community policing canada essay

"From Hero to Zero" by Lesley J. Bikos

Not only does this risk demonizing everyone who lives in high crime areas, it requires relying on rapid response which makes it almost impossible for the police to avoid being strangers to the community. This concept also suffers from reducing the role of the law-abiding citizens in the community primarily to that of a passive by-stander.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Community Policing

On ExampleEssays. Community Policing Strategy. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 5. Next Page. As a result, questions abound on the validity of this requirement, as many claim that this eliminates a number of prospective applicants who can perform the job diligently, since the police recruitment is characterized by short and long-term job training.

Hence, behavioral change towards the community policing can only be achieved through on job training programs. With this in mind, and given the fact that police force has a tainted image that embarrasses law enforcement graduates, making them to seek jobs elsewhere, this requirement only leads to a shortage of staffing requirement for the Greenfield police department both in the short term as well as in the long term. Using a language that is not in line with the policies of the Greenfield police department lowers the validity of the test since it makes it complex to find clarity on factors that motivate applicants in joining the police force, including salary, retirement benefits, housing, opportunity for advancement, as well as the hiring process.

Positive community policing

A change of language, however, has the potential of contributing positively towards assessing the appropriate methodology for interviewing new applicants. Let's see if we can help you! The fact that the written exam is not in line with the current technology turns off the potential applicants in the recruitment process, because the new the applicants in the police force comprise of young people who embrace the field of technology.

More over, a test developed some decades ago is out of context because the social values of a community are dynamic and are subject to changes.

As such, it is worthwhile to provide an exam that is up to date since it would facilitate knowledge on the new practices, thus helping to meet the present and the future needs of the community. The manner in which the Greenfield police department conducted the interview facilitated quick response from the applicants. However, in addition to the written test, it is worthwhile to add an essay since it would identify diverse skills of the applicants at a personal level, hence depicting the level of personal maturity with regard to community policing policies.

More so, an essay, especially a reflective essay, would help the Greenfield police department in the following areas, among others:. The interview part of the hiring process can be greatly improved by coming up with a number of strategies that are in line with the current goals and objectives of the police force: to have a police force that upholds community-policing policies. These strategies include all of the following:.

Community Policing Essay

The physical fitness test PFT is one of the major tests that the job applicants in the police force undergo through, simply because the work of a police officer entails physical activities that are often strenuous. However, the physical fitness test brings forward one key question: is there validity in the physical fitness test?

This question emanates from the fact that it is irrational for the police department to concentrate on the shortcoming of the applicants instead of concentrating on their potential.